Kansas Country Living Cover March 2022 All members of Twin Valley Electric receive a complimentary copy of the Kansas Country Living magazine. As a member and owner of Twin Valley Electric — not just a paying customer — you are entitled to know how your business operates.  The best way to do this is through the Kansas Country Living magazine.

Twin Valley Electric’s newsletter, is located in the middle part of the magazine, and can be distinguished by the colored border. This newsletter is written and created by employees in your local office and is designed to keep you updated on the latest news of the local cooperative, such as annual meeting information, area meetings, youth tour information, outage and construction activities, people who work for you, safety tips, ways to use electricity wisely and announcements, and more. You can view the past issues of the newsletter in the menu on the right! The main pages of the magazine contain news and interesting features from around Kansas. One of the highlights for many of our members are the delicious recipes that included in every issue.